First page of the new reboot. If you aren’t familiar with Audrey, here is all the past attempts at making a comic of her (she also appears occasionally in Zoe throughout the years). This will be a slow building comic, don’t expect it to get intense for quite a while (sketched page 12 last night and so far only 1 boob and some partial butt and frontal). I want to treat this more like a manga and so I am approaching the story with longer chapters in mind. This first chapter will likely be 40 or so pages. I am going to see how the week goes with drawing and see if I can keep a good enough pace to make 2pgs a week posted make sense.

The chapter is going to follow Audrey on her quest to lose her virginity. Who’s gunna be the lucky guy? Stay tuned to find out 🙂

I am also pretty sure I am going to reboot Zoe in the same style as this and eventually hoping maybe 2 of each each week.