So E3 has come and gone. Without a doubt this was the best E3 ever. I am going to waste some space giving my oppinion on the games and the conferences. Feel free to chime in on the comments on what you liked disliked at E3


This was the best conference I’ve ever seen by a developer. They were funny, casual and had the content gamers wanted to see. Most developers often come off corporate, like they are giving a share holders conference instead of one to gamers. Bethesda didn’t do that. They focused on the games and the glorious violence in them. Doom was crazy, I’ve only played the demo of Doom 3 (and hated it) but after seeing their conference I am seriously interested in Doom. Dishonored 2 looks really solid, I liked dishonored but felt it was a bit lacking in the story, hoping with the 2 stories of this sequel they really go all out on the story side of things.  FALLOUT! I have been waiting years for fallout 4. Prior to the trailer and announcement in my head I dreamed of a Fallout that was twice as big and had more to the cities than a few side quests or gambling. At E3 they showed they knew what people wanted, and weren’t content to stop there. They went to the extreme with everything. The pipboy has mini games, is animated and can be done on a phone (want that pipboy edition, hopefully it gets instock soon…) You can now build your own settlements and defend them against enemies. Crafting is insane with 50 weapons and 700 mods. Every item in the world can be used for crafting. THIS GAME IS AWESOME.


I am a Sony fan, but I’ve had both a 360 and the original xbox, and some day will likely get an X1. The conference was pretty good, It didn’t really have much in the way of games that interested me, but they really went all out in further redefining their system after the bungled reveal 2 years ago. Now it is backwards compatible. PC mods (fallout) will work on it. That is really exciting, I’ve always wanted modding, but am really computer illiterate, and I use a Mac from 2006 so it can barely handle browser games… Recore looked really cool, it gave me a Pixar feel and that’s cool. The rest of their games lineup really don’t appeal to me as I don’t care about the big MS franchises.


OH MY GOD. They start right out the gate with The Last Guardian, a game that I likely won’t play but god does it look so sweet. I want to like the game genre, but puzzle games just don’t do it for me.  They then showed Horizon, it looks great, but I can’t really keep an interest in Midevil style fantasy games (I know it is cavemen, but still). Firewatch was really brief but it was one of the games that really peaked my interest. The dialogue really gave me a Uncharted feel in the casual banter that is done expertly. I don’t know much about the game but it is definitely on my radar. No Man’s Sky, I think it is going to be a huge letdown and have stopped buying into it until I can play a demo and put my fears of emptyness to rest. FF7 and Shemue 3 came out of left field. I Honestly didn’t like Shemue 1 (never played 2) When I had a Dreamcast it was all about Crazy Taxi, that they should bring back. The Final Fantasy series has always been something I WANT to get into but the battle systems/grinding are a huge turn off. FF10 is the only one to date I’ve finished.


So I am going to devote a section to the game that stole the show for me. I am an artist (I do these comics in case you’ve forgotten lol). I’m an artist, but I also want to make films. This will allow me to make little animated films and hopefully Sony will allow users to post them on Youtube. With Dreams I hope to turn This Place Called Nowhere into a series of animated shorts. I also have numerous other ideas that would be perfect in that medium. So I am REALLY excited about DREAMS.


WHAT DA FUK? That was one of the worst press conferences I’ve ever seen (only narrowly beat by EA this year for worst conference ever). It is pretty clear that they are getting ready to abandon the WiiU for this new NX system that they are making. It is a shame, if they had done just a few things differently I think the WiiU could of been as big a hit as the Wii (the gamepad should of doubled as a portable console). Half the show was little puppet skits and retrospective type interviews (how mario’s game mechanics came to be WAS actually worth watching) The few games they showed outside of Nintendo biggies were Japanese games where they didn’t even try to sell to the western audience (lots and lots of fast talking Japanese characters with no subtitles or context).


If Bethesda hadn’t done a conference Ubi’s would of been stellar. Started right out the gates with a new South Park game. The Fractured But Whole is probably the best name I’ve ever heard for a game. The rest of their games didn’t interest me but they sold the shit out of them. I can’t think of the name of the host (and she got some hate last year) but she really did a great job.


THE WORST THING EVER. Multiple times they interupted any momentum they had going for the stupidest things ever. Half the show was sports (SPORTS ARE SPORTS STOP SHOWING THEM OFF LIKE THEY ARE GROUND BREAKING) Then they interview a old fart who has probably never played a video game in his life. The only redeeming moment was the Battlefront gameplay. Why does Battlefront have to come out 1 week after Fallout. EA you know you can’t compete with fallout, why are you making me choose… I will get it eventually. I loved 1 and 2, and last gen I put in over 300hrs into Warhawk so I know I will get my moneys worth off that game.


This show was BORING I give it a pass because pretty much all their games were shown at Sony’s and is the main reason Sony blew people away. I don’t care for any of their games. KH3 is like Mario. I loved it when I was younger, but I am not that boy anymore. Hitman, Tomb Raider etc aren’t all that exciting for me but both were really cool at Sony/MS events.