I’ve watched the Bethesda press conference 2 times so far and am blown away. They took everything great about Fallout and turned it up to 11. I fear I might fall behind on updating these comics come November 😉

I really want to delve into the creation aspects of that game, particularly making cool light signs like the pipboy sign they showed. If it is as easy as it looked then I will be making tons of them and probably will create a part of this site devoted entirely to Fallout related stuff. Before I had planned on making a Fallout porn comic but Time has put that on the shelf, at least for now. I will do some little 1shot comics both adult and normal. It will probably be done in b/w as it is faster and can be a sort of a return to one of my very first comics Randomness, So my working title is obviously Randomness-fallout, and I’ll do comics, fan drawings, show recorded PS4 gameplay, show lights as well as diagram how to make them, and other fun stuff. As you might know from the old Ugh comics, I LOVE Fallout, it is my 2nd favorite game (nothing will ever top the experience of MAG on PS3 but Fallout is close).

On to this page. Those of you that discovered this on Belfry may of noticed it is classified as a gay/lesbian comic, It was intentional to show the 2 of them very close, holding eachother very familiarly. Whether that will grow into a sexual relationship between them or if there are reservations with 1 or both girls you will just have to wait and see.