Audrey is such a dorky girl 😀 Any readers that grew up playing Mega Drive games back in the 90s in England? Did you experience slow games? I believe the sonic thing was fixed by 2 but pretty sure alot of other games had the same problem with refresh rates or whatever that the first Sonic had.

So you might of noticed you get an extra page this week, my goal is to update 5 days a week and was thinking that the odd day would alternate between Zoe and Ugh… But then the other day I got to thinking, “man wouldn’t it be great if there was a comic starring Abi…” And am testing it out right now. Got a story idea I’m working on and 2 pages done, once I finish the arc (think it will be around 8 or so pages long) I will see if it makes sense trying to juggle 3 comics, if I do Thursdays will go to the Abi comic instead of as an extra page in the others. Probably will take 2-3 weeks to get the arc drawn and then will decide. Let me know your thoughts on a comic starring the Milf Abi in her quest to find love and getting pregnant now that Zoe is all grown up.